Here you will find a list of all the available Particle Distributor.
Density Wave Distributor
The Density Wave Distributor, distributes the stars with an algorithm that approximates spiral galaxy structure.
The Density Wave Distributor options
The Density Wave Distributor has 8 options.
  • The Periapsis and Apsis Distance govern the size of the eclipse, therefore the size of the galaxy.
  • The Center Mass and Starr Mass control how are the stars positioned on the eclipse orbits.
  • The focal point controls the offset of the ellipse. More Info.
  • The angle offset controls how much are the individual ellipses rotated by. The bigger the value the more swirly the arms.
  • Height Variance controls the amount that height varies.
  • Controls the distribution of the height from the center to the edge of the galaxy.
A spiral galaxy, generated with a Density Wave Distributor in Galaxia
The Density Wave algorithm in Galaxia produces only 2 spiral arms.
Gaussian Distributor
The Gaussian Distributor resembles the distribution of an oval galaxy or a star cluster.
The Gaussian Distributor Options
The Gaussian Distributor has only one option.
The Variation controls how spread will the particles be.

A Star Cluster generated with a Gaussian Distributor in Galaxia
Image Distributor
The Image Distributor uses a grayscale image to determine the normal distribution of the particles. An Image can also be used to control the Color and Height of the particles.
The Image Distribution Options
  • The Distribution map controls the normal distribution of the particles as a function of the grayscale. White areas will have more stars and black areas will have none.
  • The Color Map Controls the color of the particles.
  • The Height map controls the height of the particles. White areas will be more high than black areas.
  • The Height distribution controls the multiplication of the height Map as a function of distance from the center of the galaxy to the edge.
  • The Color Contribution controls how much will the color blend with the color from the Particle Prefabs.
The Wirlpool Galaxy, generated with an image, in the Galaxia Plugin
The NGC 1365 Galaxy, generated with an image, in the Galaxia Plugin