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Galaxia Namespace

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Public classCurveRangeAttribute
Public classDefaultResources
Stores default values for Curves used in the Galaxy Prefab
Public classDensityWaveDistributor
Public classDistributionProperty
Public classGalaxy
The Component that holds and manages visualization of GalaxyPrefab
Public classGalaxyRenderEvent
Public classGalaxyRenderEventHandler
Render Event Implementation
Public classGalaxyPrefab
The holder of all the ParticlesPrefab
Public classGalaxyRenderer
Public classGaussianDistributor
The Gaussian Distribution algorith.
Public classImageDistributor
This is the Image Distribution Algorithm. It uses Images to distribute stars based on it's grayscale values. It Generates Inverse Integrals for probability distributon.
Public classOffscreenGalaxyRenderer
Renders the Galaxy and all it's particles as an Image Effect. Allowing downsampling of particles for overdrawing and performance.
Public classParticle
Main data storage class for particles.
Public classParticleDistributor
The Particle Distributor is the base class for all Particle Distributors.
Public classParticles
This is the component class that holds the generated particles. It also hold the Unity's particle system object when CPU particles are active. This is the main connection between Galaxia and Unity.
Public classParticlesPrefab
Holder for all properties on the different particles in a GalaxyPrefab
Public classRandom
Public classSimplexNoise
Implementation of the Perlin simplex noise, an improved Perlin noise algorithm.
Public classStarFinder
The star Finder helper component. Used to find particular stars.
Public classUtils
Public structureParticleDistributorProcessContext
The context that holds all the data needed for particle distribution by any Particle Distributor.