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GalaxyPrefab Class
The holder of all the ParticlesPrefab
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Galaxia
Assembly: Galaxia (in Galaxia.dll) Version: (
public class GalaxyPrefab : ScriptableObject, 
	ICollection<ParticlesPrefab>, IEnumerable<ParticlesPrefab>, IEnumerable

The GalaxyPrefab type exposes the following members.

Public methodGalaxyPrefab
Initializes a new instance of the GalaxyPrefab class
Public propertyCount
The number of ParticlesPrefab in the Galaxy
Public propertyDistributor
The Active Distributor
Public propertyHeightOffset
Height Offset of the galaxy particles
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Public propertyItem
Public propertySize
Size of the Galaxy
Public methodAdd
Adds a ParticlesPrefab to the Galaxy
Public methodClear
Clears all the Particle Prefabs
Public methodContains
Check if a ParticlesPrefab exists in the galaxy
Public methodCopyTo
Copies all the ParticlesPrefab to another array
Public methodCreate
Creates and adds a ParticlesPrefab from a given preset
Public methodGetByName
Gets the ParticlesPrefab with a given name. If no prefab with that name is found a null will be returned.
Public methodGetEnumerator
Gets the Enumerator for all of the particle prefabs
Public methodInsert
Insert a ParticlesPrefab afer an other
Public methodPopulatePreset
Populates a ParticlesPrefab with ready set Presets.
Public methodRecreateAllGalaxies
Public methodRecreateAllGalaxies(ParticlesPrefab)
Recreates the Particles with a given ParticlesPrefab of all Galaxy with the Galaxy Prefab
Public methodRemove
Removes a given ParticlesPrefab from the galaxy. If a Prefab does not exist in the galaxy it will return false
Public methodUpdateAllGalaxies
Updates all Galaxy that use the Galaxy Prefab
Public methodUpdateAllGalaxies(ParticlesPrefab)
Updates all the Particles with a given ParticlesPrefab in all the Galaxies using the Galaxy prefab
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