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Galaxy Class
The Component that holds and manages visualization of GalaxyPrefab
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Galaxia
Assembly: Galaxia (in Galaxia.dll) Version: (
public sealed class Galaxy : MonoBehaviour

The Galaxy type exposes the following members.

Public methodGalaxy
Initializes a new instance of the Galaxy class
Public propertyDirectX11 Obsolete.
Returns if DirectX 11 is supported on the software. If it is available you can disable it from here.
Public propertyFrustumCulling
Enable FrustumCulling. This determines if the galaxy is rendered when outside the camera's frustum. This only applies to the GPU particles and not the Unity ones.
Public propertyGalaxyPrefab
The meat of the galaxy. This is a holder for galaxy specific particle properties. It holds a list of ParticlesPrefab as well as the ParticleDistributor.
Public propertyGenerationType
This dictates if the Galaxy updates automatically when a Property is changed. If it is set to manual, GenerateParticles or UpdateParticles(ParticlesPrefab) must be called every time the galaxy is changed.
Public propertyGPU
Will use Custom particles, rendered on the GPU if not, it will use the Unity Particle System
Public propertyLastPreRenderEvent
Returns the last pre-render event
Public propertyOnPostRender
On Post Render Event Handler. This is called after each Particles is rendered.
Public propertyOnPreRender
On Pre Render Event Handler. This is called before each Particles is rendered. If this event is used then the Particles won't be rendered.
Public propertyStatic memberOpenGL
Checks if the currently utilized Graphics API is OpenGL instead of DirectX
Public propertyParticles
List of Particles that holds the Components responsible for the individual visualization of the ParticlesPrefab.
Public propertyPosition
A Utility function for getting the position of the Galaxy.
Public propertyRenderGalaxy
Should the galaxy be rendered. This disables the automatic rendering of the galaxy and does not disable the Draw and DrawNow methods.
Public propertySaveMeshes
Should the Generated meshes be saved in the scene or prefab. This only works with GPU particles. As they generated meshes.
Public propertySaveParticles
Should the Generated Particles be saved in the scene or prefab. This works with all particles, as it saves the data.
Public propertyStatic memberSupportsDirectX11
Checks if the DirectX is the current Graphics API and if so then is it >= than DX11
Public methodDestroyParticles
Destroys all the Particles components in the Galaxy.
Public methodDestroyParticles(ParticlesPrefab)
Destroys all Particles with a given prefab.
Public methodDraw
Sends the Galaxy and all the Particles for Rendering
Public methodDrawNow
Draws the Galaxy and all the Particles in the Galaxy Now
Public methodGenerateParticles
Generates Particles to all the ParticlesPrefab in the galaxy
Public methodGenerateParticles(ParticlesPrefab)
Public methodSetParticlesTime
A utility method for setting the time of all Particles on the Galaxy. Used mainly for animations.
Public methodSmartParticleInitialization
Initializes or updates the galaxy and each of it's particles only when necessary.
Public methodUpdateParticles
Marks all the Particles for Update, next frame.
Public methodUpdateParticles(ParticlesPrefab)
Marks a Particles with a given ParticlesPrefab for Update, next frame.
Public methodUpdateParticlesImmediately
Forces all Particles to update Immediately
Public methodUpdateParticlesImmediately(ParticlesPrefab)
Forces all Particles with a given ParticlesPrefab to update Immediately.
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