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Particles Class
This is the component class that holds the generated particles. It also hold the Unity's particle system object when CPU particles are active. This is the main connection between Galaxia and Unity.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Galaxia
Assembly: Galaxia (in Galaxia.dll) Version: (
public sealed class Particles : MonoBehaviour

The Particles type exposes the following members.

Public methodParticles
Initializes a new instance of the Particles class
Public propertyGalaxy
The Galaxy Component of the parent. The Particles component is attached to children objects added to the Main Game Object with the Galaxy component. The Children objects are hidden from the Unity's inspector.
Public propertyGalaxyPrefab
The Galaxy Prefab
Public propertyMeshes
All the Particle meshes. Multiple meshes can be generated because of Unity's mesh vertex cap.
Public propertyNeedsRebuild
Shows if the Particles Prefab has changed. And the particles need to be rebuilt.
Public propertyNeedsUpdate
Shows if the articles Prefab has changed. And the particles need to be updated.
Public propertyOverlayColor
The Overlay Color of the Particles. This color will be multiplied with the overlay color of the Particle Prefab
Public propertyParticleList
The list of Particles
Public propertyPrefab
The Particles Prefab
Public propertyRenderBounds
The render bounds of the galaxy. This could be generated by the meshes of GPU particles or Unity's Particle system if CPU particles are implemented.
Public propertyRenderers
The list of Game object renderers. These are the Game objects that have mesh renderers attached to them. They are used when in-game to render particle meshes more efficiently.
Public propertyTime
The Time of the particles. Used manly for animations.
Public methodCalculateNeedsUpdate
Public methodDestroy
Destroys all particle meshes and all renderers as well as the Game Object the component is attached to.
Public methodDraw
Queues the particle meshes for drawing next frame. This can be used anywhere.
Public methodDraw(CommandBuffer)
Draws the particle meshes to a given Command buffer.
Public methodDrawNow
Draws the generated particles meshes now.
Public methodForceUpdateParticles
Used to forcefully update the particles
Public methodGenerate
Generate the particle data as well as the mesh
Public fieldStatic memberMAX_VERTEX_PER_MESH
The maximum amount of vertex per mesh. This is used to get around the limitation of Unity's meshes having a max vertex count.
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