This is the documentation on Galaxia. A Unity 3D plugin for generating galaxies.
It used particle distributors to generate particles and shape them into galaxies.
Optimized for DirectX 11*, with GPU particle visualisation, it allows for millions of particles.
It allows for layered customization of particle distribution of size,color,alpha and rotation.

There are currently 2 types of Precedural Galaxies:
A Spiral Galaxy, generated with a Density Wave Distribution
This is a Spiral galaxy. Created with the Density Wave Distributor.
A Star Cluster, generated with a Gaussian Distributor
This is a Star Cluster. Created with the Guassian Distributor
And other none procedual distribution. To see more go to Distributors.
  • Currently DirectX 11 is only available on windows. If running on Mac, the Shuriken Particle system will be used instead.